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  • s-l1600-1-35-600×600
  • s-l1600-2-33-600×600
  • s-l1600-3-26-600×600
  • s-l1600-5-22-600×600
  • s-l1600-6-16-600×600
  • s-l1600-43-600×600
  • s-l1600-1-35-600×600
  • s-l1600-2-33-600×600
  • s-l1600-3-26-600×600
  • s-l1600-5-22-600×600
  • s-l1600-6-16-600×600
  • s-l1600-43-600×600



The Bosch KTS 590
 (Esi Software Included)

Product information.

  • Supports “Easy Connect” and other Bosch vehicle specific adapters
  • Enhanced measurement technique included to support diagnosis and vehicle repair
  • Enhanced ECU diagnosis for DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) the first product in IAM with this feature
  • Parallel or simultaneous diagnosis possible for a faster overview and reading of values
  • LED display
  • Measuring all actuators and sensors in the vehicle
  • Multimeter measurements during guided trouble-shooting with automatic transfer of measured values
  • Both oscilloscope channels are isolated
  • Sampling rate: 20MS/s
  • Intelligent and future-proof thanks to internal OBD interchangeable adaptor
  • Universal OBD plug: Allows connectivity to vehicles with 14 V and 28 V vehicle electrical systems
  • Clear communication thanks to multiplexer and cable adaptor recognition: K and L line, SAE and CAN can be switched to all possible terminals on the OBD plug
  • Reliable multiplexer actuation
  • Automatic control unit search function
  • Integrated OBD interchangeable adaptor
  • Demo mode allows the 590 to be used without a vehicle connected
  • Resistance measurement with extended measuring ranges
  • Continuity tester for fault localisation
  • Diode measurement for component testing
  • Voltage measurement with enhanced measurement functions
  • Bluetooth Class 1 standard with a range of up to 100 m
  • Fully Passthru compliant
  • Operating systems: Vista Home Premium, Vista Business, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Powered by ESI[tronic] 2.0
  • 2-channel multimeter & 2-channel oscilloscope

KTS 560 Technical Data

KTS 590

KTS 590

2-channel multimeter & 2-channel oscilloscope
Connections to PC USB 2.0, Bluetooth® Class 1
Weight approx. 0.5 kg
Operating voltage 8V DC-28V DC
Dust and water protection IP53
Multimeter bandwidth 100 kHz
Oscilloscope sampling rate 20 MS/s
Vehicle protocols ISO 15031, ISO 22900, SAE J2534-1 and -2 (PassThru), ISO 9141-2 (K and L), SAE J1850 VPW and PWM, CAN High Speed ISO 11898, ISO 15765-4 (OBD), CAN Single Wire, CAN Low Speed, ISO 13400 (Diagnostics over IP), and other vehicle-specific protocols

KTS 590

Scope of delivery

-OBD connection cable (1.5 m)

-Power supply unit

-Test lead/probe set

-USB connecting cable (3 m)

-Trolley mounting parts set

-Bluetooth® USB adaptor

-Storage case